Intuition could be described as the marvellous amalgamation of three major sources for the artistic creation: the intellectual knowledge, the technical skill and the emotional awareness. The creative act is a magical transformation, an intimate dialogue between a miserable human being and the immensity of life. Amongst this prodigious storm, an emotional yell, a blind search, a fortuitous journey, but a clear goal: to gain experiences and ameliorate.

Intuition, defined as Mushotoku from the Zen theories as the act without conscience

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. Allowing the body to talk, express itself and showcase its knowledge enabling a dialogue amidst body and conscience. Leading you in its current, falling in its dark traps, being in unknown places, with suffering and emotions to conquest.

Colours, liquids, matter, movement, expression, the work as the remaining journey between insecurity and the certainty if the future, with the empowered creative drive, which comes from your inner self.

Always with Jose Agustin Goytisolo’s poem in mind:

“The poem / is a weapon / double-edged./ One, blunt / and the other / like a penetrating yell / like a lightning / incisive / Alas sweet poet!/ Don’t forget / this part / of the poem. / The punishment / is to die / with your throat slit / by the second edge.”